A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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THE ANIMALS SWIM ASHORE                 55
towards the bay, I took down the sail, and con­tinued rowing till we reached a convenient spot for our cattle to land, which they did without difficulty.
I had already been surprised and uneasy at find­ing none of the family looking out for us on the shore; but now my wife and the boys were soon with us, eager to greet us. When the first burst of happiness at meeting had subsided, we all sat down on the grass, and I gave them an account of what we had done. My wife could find no words to express her surprise and joy at seeing so many useful animals round us, and this increased our satisfaction.
I gave Fritz full credit for his help and sugges­tions, and saw him flush with pleasure to be so much praised.
Ernest and Jack now ran to the boat and shouted their admiration of the mast and the sail. Then we began to unpack our cargo, while Jack stole aside and amused himself with the animals, taking off the jackets from the sheep and goats, bursting from time to time into shouts of laughter at the ridiculous figure of the donkey, who stood before them adorned with his two casks and his swim­ming apparatus, and braying loud enough to make us dea£
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