A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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By-and-by I noticed with surprise that Jack had round his waist a belt of yellow skin, in which were fixed two pistols. I asked him where he got it from.
' I made it myself,' he replied. ' Look at the dogs, too, and see what I made for them."
I did so, and saw that each of them had on a collar similar to the belt round Jack's waist, with, however, the exception that the collars were armed with nails, the points of which were outwards and looked very alarming. ' And is it you, Jack,' cried I, ' who have invented and made these collars and your belt ?'
' Yes, father, but mother helped me a little with the sewing,' he answered.
' Where did you get the leather and the thread and the needle ?'
' Fritz's jackal furnished the first,' answered my wife ; ' and as to the last, have I not an enchanted bag from which I can draw out such articles as I want ? So if you have a particular fancy for any thing, you have only to tell me.'
Fritz, meantime, was looking sulky at the fact that Jack had cut the jackal's skin into strips, for he considered it his own prize. He, however, con cealed his ill-humour as well as he could; but
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