A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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not one of the party went very far, and the rest of the day passed peacefully without accident of any kind.
It had occurred to me that our supply of ammu­nition for the guns was not inexhaustible, and that there might come a time when we should have to rely chiefly on bows and arrows for our hunting. It was well, therefore, to get all the practice with these weapons that we could. So the next morn­ing I set to work to make another bow, meaning to teach the boys to use it when it should be ready.
I spent most of the day in shaping and bending new bows and in manufacturing arrows, though the work was diversified by a lesson in tanning which I gave to Fritz, when he took his wild cat's skin out of the stream where he had left it to be cleaned.
I told him how to get rid of the fat on the skin, by rubbing it over with sand ; next to rub it with soft butter, to make it supple, and then to stretch it in different directions ; and also to make use of some eggs if he could get them.
When he had cut off enough of the skin to make himself a belt, he said he would like to make little cases of the rest to hold a knife, fork, and spoon, so
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