A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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Fritz mischievously ' in memory of the tears you shed there.'
I interposed to prevent Jack's quick retort, and we all agreed on Deliverance Bay. We went on to call the place where we had lived the first few days Tent House, and the island on which the shark had died Shark Island.
Then followed Flamingo Marsh and Jackal River, and finally, after rejecting such names as Tree Castle and Fig Town for our present abode, we agreed to call it Falcon's Nest.
These important points settled, Jack asked me to help him to make a sort of protective harness for the dogs from the porcupine skin, which he had cleaned in the same way as Fritz had cleaned that of the wild cat. It did not take long to fasten a shield of it over the shoulders of the dogs. Turk did not seem to object, but Flora was very angry and rolled about scrubbing herself against the trees to get rid of the encumbrance, so at last we took it off. Of the rest of the skin Jack made himself a sort of round cap which he wore with his usual air of mischievous impudence.
During the afternoon I resumed my occupation of making and shaping bows and arrows, and by Jack's suggestion, used some of the soup cakes,
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