A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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slightly melted, to serve as glue, such as little Francis had imagined it to be, for fixing on the feathers to the arrow-heads.
It was very hot all the afternoon, too hot to wander from the shade, but as the evening ad­vanced and the intense heat of the day cooled, I thought we might all go off on an expedition of some kind.
' Let us go to Tent House, father,' said Fritz, ' we are in want of powder and shot for the ortolans.'
' I too vote for Tent House,' said my wife, ' my butter is nearly gone.'
' If we do go,' added Ernest, ' let us try to bring away some of the geese and ducks with us; they will look very well swimming about in our stream here by Falcon's Nest.'
' And I,' cried Francis,' will catch a handkerchief full of lobsters in Jackal River, and we will put them into Falcon Stream.'
So we set out. Fritz was adorned with his fine belt of wild-cat skin. Jack had his belt in which he carried two pistols, and wore his bristling cap of porcupine skin. Each carried a gun and a game-bag; even little Francis had a bow which I had given him, and a quiver on his shoulder. Their
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