A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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mother carried the large butter-pot, to fill it from the storehouse. Turk marched before us with his coat of porcupine spines.
Our way along the stream was at first extremelj pleasant, being sheltered by the shade of large trees, while the ground under our feet was covered with a short and soft kind of grass.
The eldest boys ran on or made expeditions this way and that, foraging. Presently they hurried back full gallop, and this time, for a wonder, grave Ernest was first. He reached me panting for breath, and so full of joy and eagerness, that he could not pronounce a word distinctly, but he held out his hand, which contained three little balls of a light green colour.
' We have found a prize indeed, father,' he cried, when he had recovered his voice; ' we have found some potatoes.'
' What, potatoes!' I exclaimed, for I scarcely dared believe in such good luck. ' This is indeed a discovery.'
We all rushed to the place where the potatoes had been found, and saw there a number of potato-plants, many of them covered with lilac and yellow flowers, more delightful to us than if they had been fragrant roses. Jack bawled out, jumping for joy:
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