A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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powder, different instruments, and some ball and shot. We were so busy that we forgot all about the animals, until, looking up suddenly, we found they had recrossed the bridge and wandered out of sight. I told Ernest to go with Flora and bring them back, and in the meantime went to look for a place to bathe in on the other side of Tent House. In a short time I found myself at Deliverance Bay, which ended in a marsh producing some fine bul­rushes ; and further on, a chain of steep rocks, jutting into the sea, formed a set of little creeks excellent for bathing. As Ernest had not returned, I amused myself with cutting some of the rushes. And when he did turn up, I told him to fill a small bag with some of the salt there was here, and then to empty it into the large one for the ass to carry. ' Meantime I will bathe, and then it will be your turn, and mine to take care of the animals,' I said.
I returned to the rocks, and enjoyed my dip, but I did not stay long, and I had just dressed myself, when I heard his voice calling out, ' Father, father, a fish ! A fish of monstrous size I Run quickly ; I can hardly hold him ! He is eating up my line I' I ran to the place and found Ernest lying along the ground on his face, pulling in his line, to which a
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