A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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I saw plainly what was passing in his mind. He was jealous of his brother, but I also saw that he was struggling manfully against so mean a passion. In a short time he had succeeded so completely that he joined frankly in our merriment. He came near the kangaroo and examined it, then, turning to his brother, he said cordially that he had had good luck, and that he must be a good shot to have killed the animal,
' But, father,' said he, ' when you go again to Tent House, or on any other excursion, it will be my turn to go with you. For here, at Falcon Stream, there is nothing new, a few thrushes and some pigeons, this is all we have from day to day.'
' I promise you certainly,' I said, ' for I know you have fought against your jealousy. You shall go with me in my very next excursion, which will probably be to-morrow, and it will be another journey to the ship.'
We made an excellent supper on our little fish, to which we added some potatoes, and afterwards I gave some salt to each of our animals, who were heartily pleased with it. Then as we were all tired we said our prayers at an early hour, mounted our ladder, and were soon asleep.
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