A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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Importance. These, and a few other articles, com­pleted our present load.
On our return to Falcon's Nest, we found supper ready. Before we began, however, my wife drew me aside by the arm.
' Step this way,' she said, ' and see the work I have done in your absence.'
She pointed to a large cask half sunk in the ground, and covered over with branches of trees. She then applied a small corkscrew to the side, and filling the shell of a cocoa-nut with the contents, gave it to me. I found it to be good wine.
' How then,' I asked, ' have you performed this new miracle ?'
She explained to me it was a cask which she had found on the shore, and which the boys had dragged up on the sledge. She had taken this method of keeping the contents cool.
The savoury smell of the turtle now claimed our attention. We hastened back, and all ate heartily of this novel and excellent meat. After­wards we returned thanks to God, and speedily retired to sleep soundly upon our new mattresses.
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