A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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WE GAIN A SAILING-BOAT               141
' What can it be ? What is the matter ? What can have happened ?' they all cried at once.
After a few minutes I explained the real cause, and invited them to come back with me to see what the effect had been. They sprang on board, and we rowed out of the bay more rapidly than ever before, We saw the ship was still afloat, but on rowing round to the far side, where the explosion had taken place, we found that the greater part was shivered to pieces. In the middle of the splinters there floated our pinnace, quite untouched. We all exclaimed joyfully at the complete success of the manoeuvre, and set to work to clear away the wreckage in which she was still entangled.
Two whole days more were spent in completely equipping and loading her. When she was ready for sailing, we decided to salute my wife as we sailed home to Tent House, with two discharges from the cannon, which formed part of the equip­ment of the pinnace. These accordingly were loaded, and the two young boys stood close to the touch-holes, to be in readiness. Fritz was by the mast to manage the ropes and cables, while I took my station at the rudder. The wind was favourable, and so brisk that we glided swiftly along the water in
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