A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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a very different way from that we were used to on our old tub-boat, which we now towed behind.
When we arrived within a certain distance of the shore, cried Commander Fritz, ' Fire!' Ernest and Jack obeyed, and the echoes from the rocks majestically replied. Fritz at the same moment had discharged his two pistols, and all joined in three loud hurrahs.
' Welcome ! welcome !' cried the anxious mother, almost breathless with astonishment and joy. ' Welcome !' cried little Francis, in imitation.
They ran to meet us, and when they had stepped upon the deck the boys begged to fire off the cannon again, and to christen the pinnace by the name of their mother—The Elizabeth—a request that I gladly granted.
When the excitement of our arrival had subsided, we found that the two left on shore had done hardly less than ourselves in the last week, for they showed us a kitchen-garden, laid out properly in beds and walks, and sown with the seed of useful plants. One bed was for potatoes, one for manioc, and other smaller ones for lettuces of various kinds, and some plants of the sugar-cane. On the slope of the rock were some plants of the ananas. Between these were some melon seeds; here was a plot
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