A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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Turning round Flamingo Marsh we soon reached the pleasant spot which had before so delighted us. Fritz sent Turk into the tall grass and followed himself. Presently we heard Turk barking loudly; a large bird sprang up, and almost at the same moment a shot from Fritz brought it down, but, though wounded, it was not killed, and set off quickly, not flying, but running. Turk followed, and, seizing it, held it fast till Fritz came up. The bird was large and strong, it kicked so vigorously that Fritz dared not approach it. I saw that it was a female bustard of the largest size. I had long wished to tame a bird of this kind for our poultry-yard; so I threw my pocket handkerchief over its head, and passed a string with a running-knot over its legs ; this I drew tight. Then, releasing its wing from Turk's mouth, I tied it, with its fellow, close to the bird's body.
Ernest and Jack, who had been behind, now ran forward, shouting:
' Oh, what a handsome bird! and what a size! What beautiful feathers!'
I put the bustard on the sledge, making it as comfortable as I could; and after this little delay we went on our way.
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