A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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THE TROOP OF BUFFALOES               159
tracing them we arrived at the edge of the planta­tion, saw the sea in the distance, and soon after found ourselves in an open space, which bounded the great bay. A river flowed into the sea at this place, and we saw that the ridge of rocks ended in a perpendicular precipice, leaving only a narrow passage at the end, which during every tide must be under water, but which at that moment was dry. We went round this corner, and when we got to the other side we found the mark of the donkey's hoofs again on the sand. But we saw with astonishment that they were not alone, but mingled with many others larger, but very like them.
By climbing a hill we were able to see a long way, and in the far distance discerned what seemed to be a herd of animals. Drawing nearer we dis­covered them to be buffaloes. By good luck the dogs were far behind us, and though the buffaloes saw us, they gave no sign of fear or of displeasure at our approach; they stood perfectly still, with their large round eyes fixed upon us in vacant surprise; those which were lying down got up slowly, but they did not seem fierce.
Unfortunately at that minute Turk and Flora ran up to us, and the buffaloes instantly, and all together, set up such a roar as to make us tremble ;
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