A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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THE TROOP OF BUFFALOES               161
and I decided to use it. I took from my pocket a sharp-pointed knife, and, seizing his nose, I made a hole in the nostril, into which I quickly inserted a string ; this I immediately tied to a tree, so that the animal was prevented from moving his head.
Then I called off the dogs, and, trying a few minutes after, found that he was ready to follow the pull of the cord, which hurt his nose. Having settled this I left him tied up and turned to the dead buffalo. I first cut out the tongue, next took off the skin, and lastly, cut off some of the flesh, and salted it, and left the rest to the dogs. I then went to the river to wash myself, after which we sat down under the shade of a large tree, and ate the provisions we had brought with us.
When we were ready to go home, I untied the young buffalo, and found that he followed me withoutresistance. He was so quiet that when we tied a bundle of large reeds, that we had cut, to his back, he did not seem to mind. We repassed the river in safety, and regained the narrow pass at the turn of the rocks. On arriving at the camp, question after question was showered upon us. All agreed that our success with the buffalo was most extraordinary; and they were never tired of examining him.
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