A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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THE TROOP OF BUFFALOES                163
it by the fumes of tobacco-smoke, a method of which he had read. This experiment proved so successful that the monkey was given to him by Fritz as a reward.
For a long time I had felt that the rope ladder, which led to our home in the tree, was a difficult and dangerous mode of ascent, and the idea of cutting steps in the tree itself now occurred to me. The boys had talked of a hollow in the trunk, from which a swarm of bees issued, and so I determined to see whether the hole extended to the roots. The boys climbed up like squirrels to strike at the trunk with axes ; but they soon paid dearly for their at­tempt, the whole swarm of bees flew out, buzzing with fury, and attacked them savagely. Jack struck fiercely at them, and was more severely attacked by them than the rest; so badly was he stung, that it was necessary to cover the whole of his face with linen, and some hours elapsed before even the other boys could open their eyes. The bees, in the mean­time, were still buzzing furiously round the tree. I determined to smoke them out, so, waiting until they quieted down, and had returned to their home, I stopped the passages with clay, leaving only one hole. I then smoked into this with one of the clay pipes we had brought from the ship. At first a
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