A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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Our feathered colony had increased so much since our arrival on the island that we thought it would not be a bad thing to take one or two of them on our next excursion, and leave them in another part, so that in time they would be able to replenish the whole island. We purposed in this way to make a new farm colony at some distance from Falcon Stream. This we could visit from time to time, and the animals we left there would learn to feed themselves.
We were not long in putting the project into execution. I selected from among the pigs, sheep, fowls, etc., those I deemed healthy, and we placed them in the cart. We followed the usual route, with little deviation, and the only incident that occurred was the discovery of a grove of cotton-plants—a most useful acquisition. Little Francis was the first to call our attention to it.
' Look, father,' cried he, ' here is a place full of snow ! Let me get down and make some snow­balls !'
And, turning, I saw a number of low bushes, covered with what appeared to be patches of snow.
Fritz darted forward on his onagra, and returned with one hand filled with tufts of a most excellent species of cotton. The pods had burst from ripe-
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