A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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NIP FINDS STRAWBERRIES                 185
a bed of strawberries, of an extraordinary size and delightful flavour. As they were fully ripe, these made a great addition to our scanty larder.
The boys returned the next day, having per­formed their errand well, and brought back abundant supplies.
For some time I had had it in my mind to make a light bark canoe, such as natives use, but I had as yet seen no tree that would answer the purpose, for I wanted a piece of bark no less than eighteen feet by five. However, in the next few days I came across a tree of sufficient size with just the sort of bark I wanted. Accordingly, we made an incision quite round the trunk in two places, and then cut a perpendicular strip. Next we had to insert our tools gently to separate the bark from the trunk without breaking it. At length with joy we saw it lying safely on the grass.
Our business was now to mould it to our pur­pose. I saw we could not do much more with it here, so resolved to take it back to Tent House for further work. We put it on the cart with some difficulty, and though it caused us great anxiety on the journey, we conveyed it home safely.
Two days later, with benches, a small mast and triangular sail, a rudder, and a thick coat of
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