A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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As evening approached we gathered around our hearth, where my wife was cooking two bear's paws, which had been well soaked in brine, and the smell of which promised us a capital supper. Not long after the galloping of steeds was heard, and in another moment the boys were at our side.
Jack and Francis each carried a little kid on his back, with the feet tied together, and Fritz's game-bag appeared to me to be pretty full.
' A fine chase, papa I' cried Jack. ' Storm '-—for so he had named his buffalo—' carried me through the desert like a flash of lightning. Fritz has two Angora rabbits in his pouch, and also a cuckoo, who led us to one of the finest hives I have ever seen; we shall be able to get plenty of honey.'
'Jack has not told all,' said Fritz. 'We have taken a whole troop of antelopes prisoners, and have driven them into our domains, where we can hunt them and tame them just when we please.'
He then went on eagerly to tell me that, having spied the herd of antelopes, they had cautiously driven them into a defile, across the mouth of which they had stretched a long string, to which they had attached their handkerchiefs, ostrich
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