A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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feathers, and everything else they could think of to prevent the animals repassing.
' My turn !' cried Jack, when Fritz had stopped for breath. ' His eagle swooped down on two rabbits, which we rescued before he had hurt them. Then we heard a cuckoo, which flew on before us until it stopped over a bee's nest. Armed with some sulphur matches that I found in my knap­sack, I advanced and tried to suffocate the bees by throwing the lighted matches down the hole, when suddenly a rumbling noise was heard, and, in a second, a swarm of bees emerged, attacking me on all sides.
'1 could scarcely believe,' said Jack, as he finished his recital, ' that so small a creature could cause so much pain, but I ought to have known, for it is not my first experience.'
I had noticed while he was speaking that his face was red and inflamed, but I had not had time to get a word in edgeways. Now I told him to go to his mother, and let her put something on his face to allay the pain.'
I then made a basket of willows, covered with canvas at the top, in which to put the rabbits and the kids, so that they might be easily carried to Cliff House, as we had named our new residence
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