A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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I RECEIVE A LETTER                      249
Francis placed himself behind a tree, and taking good aim, he discharged both barrels of his gun and broke the fore legs of the hyena. The dogs then rushed on, their terror changed into rage. The most terrible combat followed between them and the furious monster.
Fritz, who had tied the ass and the bull to a tree, now ran up. He and Francis would have fired again, but the dogs were so close to the hyena that they were afraid of hitting them, so that they were obliged to wait. Turk took the hyena by the throat and Flora by the muzzle, and there they held him until he dropped down dead.
Jack soon returned. He had not been able to stop the ostrich until it had arrived at the middle of the rice-field. Then they all admired the striped beast that lay before them. They took some trouble in dragging it to the farmhouse, where they settled for the night.
The following day was given to skinning the animal and preparing the hide.
In the meantime, we, who had been sitting quietly talking at home saw one of the pigeons, evidently coming from a distance, wheel round and alight on the dovecot.
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