A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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On one occasion Fritz took with him some pro­visions, and went to sea in his cajack. He had set out before daylight, and when night was ap­proaching nothing could be seen of him. My wife was in a state of the greatest suspense; and, to comfort her, I launched the canoe, and we set out for Shark Island. There, from the top of the flag­staff, we displayed our flag and fired a cannon. A few moments after we saw a black spot in the far distance, and, by the aid of a telescope, we dis­covered Fritz. He advanced slowly towards us, beating the sea with his oars, as if his canoe were charged with a double load.
As he came nearer we saw that his boat was filled with different things; and something heavy and dark, which looked like the head of a large animal, was being towed behind. He did not land, so we joined him on the water, and kept him com­pany to the shore. But it was not until we had all arrived safely at Cliff House, that he told us anything. He explained he had gone for a con­siderable distance along the coast, and seen several walruses, and penetrated into a vast cave in which many little birds like swallows were flying about. He thought they were of the kind whose nests are eaten by the Chinese, being made of a sort of
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