A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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ATTACKED BY LIONS                      273
I had seen in the menageries of Europe. In two or three leaps he bounded over the space which separated the wood from the shore. He stood immovable for a moment, and then, lashing his flanks with his tail, and roaring furiously, crouched down as if to spring on us. Meantime I felt wildly in my pockets for a knife, but could find none. I could not understand why my sons did not fire, but discovered afterwards that they, like myself, had left their guns on shore. The frightful pantomime did not last long. The lion's flaming eyes were fixed directly on us. Suddenly I heard a report. The animal bounded up, gave a tremendous yell, and fell lifeless on the earth. ' 'Tis Fritz,' murmured Ernest, pale with terror. ' Yes,' I cried, ' Fritz has saved us !' We all sprang on shore, but our dogs, with an admirable instinct, began to bark again. I did not neglect this indication. We threw more wood on the fire, and again jumped into the boat. It was time; for scarcely were we there, and had managed to cast off, when a second enemy rushed from the forest. It was not so large as the first, but its roar was frightful. It was a lioness. She was seeking her mate, and running straight up to his body, she smelled it, and licked it; and when
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