A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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ATTACKED BY LIONS                      277
prise when I found that, instead of having forgotten the albatross and the smoking rock, he informed me in the letter that he was going in search of the unfortunate being. I had a thousand objections to make to this project, but Fritz rowed so fast I could barely halloo through the speaking-trumpet, 'Return soon, and be prudent,' before he was out of sight. We gave to the cape where he left us the name of the ' Adieu Cape.'
We arrived at Cliff House without accident, and the different treasures we had brought were joyfully received ; the truffles, the lion-skins, the pearls, the birds'-nests, became the objects of a thousand questions, but they could not drive away the thoughts of Fritz, and my wife said she would willingly give up all our cargo if she could be sure of his safety.
I had not yet spoken to her concerning the reason of Fritz's absence, as I had not wished to give rise to hopes which were so unlikely to be realized ; but now I thought I might, so I told her of his quest.
Then we began the preparation of our lion-skins,
and carried them for that purpose to our tannery on
Whale Island, where, as I said before, our dirty
work was done. We also occupied ourselves in
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