A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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smoking rock, all alone ! destitute of everything! Can you believe it ? But the poor girl has begged me not to betray her sex, except to you and my mother, for she is dressed as a man, and is shy and nervous, although I assured her that all of us would welcome her gladly. I have brought her with me; she is near by, on a little island just beyond the Bay of Pearls; come and see her, but do not say anything to the others ; I want to give them a surprise.'
I agreed, and ordered them to hoist the sails, weigh anchor, and make ready to depart. Fritz, who had changed his dress and washed off his dis­guise, flew about, hastening his less eager brothers; then, jumping into his cajack, he piloted us through the shoals and reefs that were scattered along the coast. After an hour's sailing he turned off, and directed his course toward a shady island not far from the Bay of Pearls; we sailed close up to the shore, and fastened the pinnace to the trunk of a fallen tree. Fritz, however, was quicker than we, and he was on shore, and had entered a little wood in the middle of the island before we had yet landed. We followed him into the wood, and soon found ourselves near a hut, built like those of the Hottentots, with a fire burning before it, on which
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