A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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some fish were being cooked in a large shell. Fritz uttered a halloo, and what was our surprise to see, descending from a large tree, a young and hand­some sailor, who, turning his timid eyes on us, stood still, as if he dared not approach !
It was such a long time since we had seen a man —ten years!—society had become so strange a thing to us, that we remained stupefied.
The silence was broken by Fritz, who, taking the young sailor by the hand, advanced toward us.
' Father, mother!' said he, in a voice brimming over with excitement, ' here is a friend—a brother, a new companion in misfortune — Sir Edward Montrose, who, like ourselves, has been shipwrecked on the coast.'
' He is welcome among us,' was the general cry ; and, approaching the young sailor, whom I easily recognised for a woman, I took her by the hand and comforted and encouraged her.
Once the ice was broken, all joined in a hearty greeting, and question after question poured upon Fritz, who joyfully replied:
'1 will tell you all afterward ; let us attend now to our new brother.'
Supper was served, and my wife brought out a bottle of her spiced hydromel to add to the feast.
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