A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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cochelaria, sorrel, celery, and cress, which grow among the rocks.
For clothing she had a hat made of the downy breast of the cormorant, which was stretched over some feathers from the same bird, forming a com­plete shelter for the head and neck against the rays of the sun, a little waistcoat with sleeves, made from the skin of the sea-calf, the skin of the fore legs serving as sleeves; some other garments of bird-skin or walrus-skin; and belts, stockings, and shoes all of skin; besides the midshipman's uniforms which she had found in a stranded chest.
Emily's jewels were few in number, consisting of a gold comb and a string of fine pearls, which she happened to have on when shipwrecked ; she had also some boxes made of turtle-shells, which con­tained pieces of amber, and some pearls of a beautiful red tint, which she had extracted from some sort of shell-fish, and besides, some pencils made of feathers and hair, with which she had amused herself by writing. I must not forget to mention a beautiful little purse made of sea-calf­skin, and containing some rare shells which she had gathered on the seashore.
The next day, when we were all ready to start-Emily brought us another proof of her patience
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