A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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certain that some ship is sailing in this part of the world.'
' If there is really a ship on our coasts,' said I, ' who knows whether it is manned by Europeans or by pirates ?'
Until we knew this we felt we should be on our guard, so we took turns at watching, but the night passed quietly away, and in the morning the rain began again, and continued so violently during two days that it was impossible for us to go out.
On the third day the sun reappeared. Fritz and Jack, full of impatience, resolved to return to Shark Island, and try a new signal. I consented ; but instead of the cajack we took the canoe, and I went with them. The others stayed at home. On arriving at the fort we hoisted our flag, while Jack, ever impatient, loaded a cannon and fired it; but scarcely had the report died away in the distance, when we distinctly heard a louder answering report in the direction of Cape Disap­pointment or Prospect Bay.
Jack could not contain himself for joy.
' Men, men,' cried he, jumping in his excitement, ' are you sure of it now ?'
And his enthusiasm communicating itself to us, we hoisted another and a larger flag on our flag
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