A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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AN ENGLISH SHIP                       305
desire for repose. But our children were young, their life was just beginning, and I did not think it right to deprive them of the advantages which civilization and contact with the world presented ; and then again, Emily, since she had heard that her father was in England, naturally wanted to go to him. So at last I decided to call everyone together, and when they came I spoke to them of civilized Europe, and I asked them if they wanted to go with Captain Littelton, or would be content to pass the remainder of their lives upon this coast.
Jack and Ernest declared that they would rather stay. Ernest, the philosopher, had no need of the world, and Jack, the hunter, found the domain of Falcon's Nest large enough for his excursions. Fritz was silent, but I saw by his face that he had decided to go, so I asked him to say candidly. He confessed that he had a great desire to return to Europe, and Francis declared that he would willingly go too.
At last, then, we were to be separated ; two of our sons were about to leave us, and perhaps we should never again see them. Elizabeth submitted to the sad necessity ; she had a mother's objections, but she studied the advantage of her sons.
Mr. Wolston was also separating from one of his
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