A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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daughters, who was going on to New Holland. All this was very painful, and when we had made up our minds, I hastened to tell Captain Littelton. He readily consented to take three passengers.
'I am leaving three,' he said, ' Mr. and Mrs. Wolston and one of their daughters; so if I take three more, it comes to the same thing.'
The Unicorn remained eight days at anchor, and we employed them in preparing the cargo which was to be the fortune of our boys on arriving in Europe. All the riches that we had amassedó pearls, ivory, spices, furs, and all our rare produc≠tionsówere carefully packed and put on board the ship, which we also furnished with meat and fruits.
On the eve of their departure I gave Fritz this journal of our residence on the island, and told him to have it published as soon after his arrival as he possibly could.
We none of us slept much during the last night. At the dawn of day trie cannon of the ship an≠nounced the order to go on board. We went down to the shore with our sons ; there they received our last kissings and blessings.
The anchor has been weighed, and the flag run up to the mast-head.
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