Three Hundred Games & Pastimes - complete online book

A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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This book was first published three years ago under the title What Shall We Do Now? in the hope, as was stated in the original preface, that that question miglit, tlirough its influence, come to be asked rather less frequently; the book proposing, as far-as purchasers would allow, to stand in the place of mothers and nurses, and either supply an answer or forestall the inquiry.
Although a third edition has been reached, it is very certain that an insufficient number of children are provided with the volume; and since it seems to us probable that the old title was not so clear an indication of the nature of the book as might be wished, we have, in the hope of getting for the work a wider circulation, taken the liberty of changing it, in the present reprint, to that which it now bears. We trust that the change will lead to no confusion ; but if it does, and a possessor of What Shall We Do Now? is so unfortunate as to buy the new edition under the impression that it is a totally new book, the bookseller will probably readily exchange it for another, or it might be presented to some one else.
The pages that follow have something to say concerning most of
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