Three Hundred Games & Pastimes - complete online book

A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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vi                What Shall We Do Now?
the situations in which children find themselves, at home or in the country, out of doors or in, alone or in company ; together with, in addition to games and pastimes, information concerning such useful employments as gardening and cooking, and some hints on the care of pets. No subject can be said to be exhausted; but the book is perhaps large enough. Everything which it contains has been indexed very clearly, and, by way both of supplying deficiencies and giving each copy a personal character, an Appendix of blank and numbered leaves has been added {with a few spaces in the Index to correspond*) in winch the owner may record such omitted games as have been found good.
There are, of course, many fortunate girls and boys who do ?wt require any help whateverwho always know what to do noiv, and do it. For them some sections of this book may have little value. It is for the less resourceful children that the book was prepared, and also for such of our elders as those who, when they give a party, can never think of what game to play next.
E. V. L. E. L.
July 1903.
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