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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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What Shall We Do Now?                 5
may sit on a hassock close to it with his back to the others, while they pass between his hassock and the candle.
A good-sized donkey without a tail is cut out of brown paper and fixed on a screen or on a sheet hung across the room. The tail is cut out separately and a hat-pin is put through that end of it which comes nearest the body. Each player in turn then holds the tail by the pin, shuts his eyes honestly, and, advancing to the donkey, pins the tail in what he believes to be the right place. The fun lies in his mistake.
This is boisterous and rather messy, but it has many supporters. Two players are blindfolded and seated on the floor opposite one another. They are each given a dessert­spoonful of sugar or flour and are told to feed each other. It is well to put a sheet on the floor and to tie a towel or apron round the necks of the players. The fun belongs chiefly to the spectators.
This is a game in which only two players take part, but it is exciting to watch. Both " Deer " and " Stalker " are blindfolded. They are then placed at opposite ends of a large table, and at a given moment begin to move round it. The stalker's business is, of course, to catch the deer, and the deer's to avoid it ; but neither must run out into the room. Absolute silence should be kept both by the audience and players, and if felt slippers can be worn by the deer and its stalker so much the better.
A very funny blind game. A candle is lighted and placed in position about the height of a person's head. A player is then placed a few feet from it, facing it, and, after being blind­folded and turned round three times, is told to take so many paces (however many it may be) and blow the candle out
The donkey' tail.
The blind feeding the blind.
Deer stalking.
Blowing ou the candle.
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