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What Shall We Do Now?
Apple, snapping
Another amusing blind game to watch is apple-snapping. An apple is hung from a string in the middle of the room about the height of the blind man's head. The blind man's hands are then tied, or he holds them strictly behind him, and he has to bite the apple.
The same game can be played without blindfolding, but in that case it requires two players with their hands fixed behind them, each trying to bite the apple.
In this game the players sit in a half circle with their knees well out. One player is blindfolded, and after the other players have all quietly changed their places, he sits down on some one's knees, saying " Um." The other answers " Um " in a disguised voice. This word is repeated three times, and then the blind man must guess upon whose knees he is perched. If he fails the sitters all change places." If he is right the one sat upon becomes blindfolded. The blind man must not touch the sitters with his hands in any way.
A good blind game for a Christmas party is " Bag and Stick." A fair-sized paper bag is filled with sweets and hung from a string in the middle of the room. A player is then blindfolded, turned round three times, given a stick, and told he may have one, two, or three shots at the bag, whichever it may be. If he misses it, another one tries, and so on ; but if he hits it the bag breaks, the sweets cover the floor, and the party scramble for them.
Bag and stick.
Puss in the corner.
In "Scrambling" there is, of course, no need for the blindfolding and the stick. A scramble for sweets is very good fun in itself. Sticky sweets should not be used, nor sweets that squash easily.
Each player save one takes a corner. The other, who is the puss, stands in the middle. The game begins by one corner player beckoning to another to change places. Their object is to
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