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What Shall We Do Now?
Thimble, or Threepenny bit.
Magic music.
Hot and cold.
whistle which is really blown. As it must always be behind him when it is blown, nothing but the twitching of the string is likely to help him to discover the blower (and the trick) ; and in a small circle where every one is moving and laughing it takes some time to notice the twitching at all.
This is a very good game. All the company leave the room save one. He stays behind with a threepenny bit or a thimble, whichever is preferred, and this he has to place in some position where, though it is in sight, it will be difficult to discover. It may be high or low, on the floor or on the mantelpiece, but it must be visible. The company then return and begin to look for it. As the players find it they sit down, but it is more fun to do this very craftily and not at once, lest a hint be given as to the articles whereabouts. When every one has found it, or when a long enough time has been passed in looking for it, the thimble is hidden again, this time by the player who found it first. The game sounds easy, but it can be very difficult and very exciting, every one at the beginning of each search wishing to be first, and at the end wishing not to be last. Players often stand right over the thimble, staring directly at it, and still do not see it.
One player goes out. The others then hide something for him to find, or decide upon some simple action for him to per­form, such as standing on a chair. When he is called in, one of the company seats herself at the piano and directs his movements by the tone of the music. If he is far from the object hidden the music is very low ; as he gets nearer and nearer it becomes louder and louder.
The same game is played under the name of " Hot and Cold." In this case the player is directed by words ; as he gets nearer
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