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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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What Shall We Do Now?
and nearer the object he becomes " warm," " hot," " very hot," " burning " ; when quite off the scent he is " cold."
Some one sits at the piano, and a long row of chairs is made Musical down the middle of the room, either back to back, or back and chairs. front alternately. There must be one chair fewer than the number of players. When all is ready the music begins and the players march round the chairs in a long line. Suddenly the music stops, and directly it does so every one tries to sit down. As there is one player too many some one must neces­sarily be left without a chair. That player has therefore to leave the game, another chair is taken away, and the music begins again. So on to the end, a chair and a player going after each round. The winner of the game is the one who, when only one chair is left, gets it. It is against the rules to move the chairs. A piano, it ought to be pointed out, is not absolutely necessary. Any form of music will do ; or if there is no instrument some one might sing, or tap the fire-irons together, or read aloud. But a piano is best, and the pianist ought now and then to pretend to stop, because this makes it more exciting for the players.
This is another variety of " Musical Chairs." All the players The sea and but one, who represents the sea, have chairs. The sea goes out ^ier children. of the room, and while he is gone each player takes the name of a fish. The sea then returns and calls out all the names of fishes he can think of. When he mentions a name of one that has been chosen, the player representing it rises and stands behind him. When all have been named the sea begins to move about, with his retinue of fish. Sometimes he runs, then " the sea is troubled" ; sometimes he walks slowly, then "the sea is calmer." Suddenly he seats himself and all the fish try to do the same. The one that cannot find a seat becomes the sea.
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