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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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io               What Shall We Do Now?
Stir the mash.
Caterpillar. Honey-pots.
This is another variety of " Musical Chairs." The chairs are
placed against the wall in a row, one fewer than the players. One
of the players sits down in the middle of the room with a stick and pretends to be stirring a bowl of mash with it, while the others march round crying, " Stir the mash, stir the mash." Suddenly the player with the stick knocks three times on the floor, which is the signal for running for the chairs, and, leaping up, runs for them too. The one who does not get a chair has to stir the mash next.
           A circle of chairs is made, and all the players but one sit on
them. This player stands in the middle and his chair is left empty. The game consists in his efforts to sit down in the empty chair and the others' attempts to stop him by continually moving one way or the other, so that the empty chair may this moment be on one side of the ring and the next on the other.
            This is a game for several little players and two stronger
ones. The little ones are the honey-pots, and the others the honey-seller and honey-buyer. The honey-pots sit in a row with their knees gathered up and their hands locked together under them. The honey-buyer comes to look at them, asking the honey-seller how much they are and how much they weigh ; and these two take hold of the pots by the arms, one on each side, and weigh them by swinging them up and down (that is why the hands have to be tightly locked under the knees). Then the buyer says he will have them, and the seller and he carry them to the other end of the room together. Once there the seller returns, but quickly comes running back in alarm because he has missed his own little girl (or boy), and he fancies she must be in one of the honey-pots. The buyer assures him that he is mistaken, and tells him to taste them and see for himself that they are only honey. So the seller goes from one to the other, placing his hand on their heads and pretending to taste honey.
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