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My lady's clothes.
Here 1 bake.
The cobbler. Cushion.
12                What Shall We Do Now?
The player must then say what she will give him, but in doing so must not use the words " yes," " no," " black," " white" or " scarlet" The old soldier's object is to try and coax one of these words out of her, and he may ask any question he likes in order to do so. A mistake usually means a forfeit.
A colour-barred game for girls is " My Lady's Clothes" or " Dressing the Lady." The players first decide on what colours shall be forbidden, perhaps blue, black, and pink. The first one then asks the next, " How shall my lady be dressed for the ball ? " and the answer must contain no mention of these colours. This question goes round the ring, no article being allowed to be mentioned twice.
One player stands in the middle. The others join hands and surround her, their aim being to prevent her from getting out of the ring. She then passes round the ring touching the hands, at the first hands saying " Here I bake," at the second " Here I brew," at the third " Here I make my wedding-cake," and at the next" And here I mean to break through." With these last words she makes a dash to carry out the threat. If she succeeds, the player whose hand gave way first takes her place in the middle. Otherwise she must persevere until the ring is broken.
The cobbler sits in the middle on a stool or hassock, and the others join hands and dance round him. " Now then, customers," says the cobbler, " let me try on your shoes," and at the same timeóbut without leaving his seatómakes a dash for some one's feet. The aim of the others is to avoid being caught. Whoever is caught becomes cobbler.
The name of this game dates from the period when stiff cylinder-shaped horsehair sofa-cushions were commoner than they are now. One of these is placed in the middle of the room and
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