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What Shall We Do Now?                13
the players join hands and dance round it, the object of each one being to make one of his neighbours knock the cushion over and to avoid knocking it over himself. Whoever does knock it down leaves the ring, until at last there are only two striving with each other. A hearth-brush, if it can be persuaded to stand up, makes a good substitute for a cushion. It also makes the game more difficult, being so very sensitive to touch.
The players sit in a ring, and the game is begun by one saying to the next, " I've just come back from shopping." " Yes," is the reply, " and what have you bought ? " The first speaker has then to name some article which, without leaving her seat, she can touch, such as a pair of boots, a necktie, a watch-chain, a bracelet. Having done so, the next player takes up the character of the shopper, and so on round the ring. No article must, however, be named twice, which means that when the game has gone on for a round or two the answers become very difficult to find.
Half the players go out, and the others stay in and arrange the chairs in a line so that there is an empty one next to every person. Each then chooses which of the others he will have to occupy the adjoining chair, and when this is settled some one tells the outside party that they can begin. One of them then comes in and takes the chair for which he thinks it most likely that he has been chosen. If he is right, everybody claps and he stays there. But if wrong, everybody hisses and he has to go out again. Another player then comes in, and so on until all the chairs are filled.
An extension of this game is " Neighbours." In " Neigh­bours " half the company are blindfolded, and are seated with an empty chair on the right hand of each. At a given signal all the other players occupy these empty chairs, as mysteriously as
The days shopping.
Hissing ant clapping.
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