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16               What Shall We Do Now?
Kitchen utensils.
This is a variety of " Turn the Trencher." The players sit in a ring and choose each the name of some kitchen utensil or something used in cooking, such as Sausage-machine or Sultanas. One player then goes in the middle with a bunched-up handker­chief, and this he throws at some one, at the same time trying to say the name of that some one's kitchen utensil three times before that some one can say it once. If, as very often happens, the player at whom the handkerchief is thrown is so completely bewildered as to have lost the power of speech or memory until it is too late, he must change places with the one in the middle.
The players sit on opposite sides of a table, or in two opposite rows of chairs with a cloth spread over their laps. A sixpence or other small object is then passed about among the hands of one of the sides under the table or cloth. At the word " Up Jenkyns ! " called by the other side, all these hands tightly clenched must be at once placed in view on the table or the cloth. The first player on the other side then carefully scans the faces of his opponents to see if any one bears an expression which seems to betray his possession of the sixpence, and, having made up his mind, reaches over and touches the hand in which he hopes the sixpence is, saying, "Tip it." The hand is then opened. If the guess is right the guessing side take the sixpence and hide it. If wrong, the same side hide it again, and the second player on the guessing side tries his luck at discovering its whereabouts A score is decided on before the game begins, and the winning side is that which first makes that number of right guesses.
All the players but one form a circle, with their hands on a piece of string on which a ring has been threaded. The other player stands in the middle of the circle. The ring is then hurried up and down the string from end to end, the object being to keep its whereabouts hidden from the other player.
Up Jenkyns, or Coddam.
Hunt the ring.
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