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Fly away !
20               What Shall We Do Now?
of the company, including the priest, then chooses a colour. One will take blue, another pink, another yellow, and so on, and these are known as Mr. Blue Cap, Mr. Pink Cap, Mr. Yellow Cap, and so on. (There is usually a Fool's Cap too.) The game is begun by the priest saying, " The priest of the parish has lost his con­sidering cap. Who stole it ? Some say this, some say that; but I say [then he looks round the company and perhaps fixes on the member who chose black] Mr. Black Cap." Mr. Black Cap must then say, " What, I, sir ? " " Yes, you, sir," says the priest. " Not I, sir," says Mr. Black Cap. "Who then, sir?" asks the priest. And here Mr. Black Cap has the opportunity of passing the game on by fixing on another player. Perhaps it is Mr. Yellow Cap. If so, Mr. Black Cap will say, " Mr. Yellow Cap," and Mr. Yellow Cap and Mr. Black Cap then carry on the same dialogue: " What, I, sir ? " " Yes, you, sir." " Not I, sir." " Who then, sir ? " Any mistake in the order of words and the player has to take his place at the bottom of the class, and all the others move up one. So long as there are no mistakes the dialogue is held between the players ; but after a mistake the priest takes it up again by putting the original remark about the theft of his cap. A player may, if he likes, charge the priest himself with the theft, calling him by his colour. If the priest makes any mistake he goes to the bottom too, and the players move up so that the next top one becomes the new priest.
The player who is chosen as leader sits down and places the first finger of her right hand on her knee. The others crowd round her and also place the first finger of their right hands on her knee, close to hers. The game is for the leader to raise her finger suddenly, saying, " Fly away [something]." If that some­thing is not capable of flight the other fingers must not move, but if it can fly they must rise also. Thus, " Fly away, thrush ! " " Fly away, pigeon ! " " Fly away, butterfly ! " should cause all the fingers to spring up. But of " Fly away, omnibus ! " " Fly away,
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