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What Shall We Do Now?
cat! " " Fly away, pig!" no notice should be taken. The game is, of course, to catch players napping.
This is a very confusing game of contraries for five players. Four of them hold each the corner of a handkerchief. The other, who stands by to give orders, then shouts either " Let go !" or " Hold fast !" When " Let go!" is called, the handkerchief must be held as firmly as ever ; but when " Hold fast! " it must be dropped. The commands should be given quickly and now and then repeated to add to the anxiety of the other players.
In this game one player represents a sergeant and the others are soldiers whom he is drilling. When he makes an action and says " Do this " the others have to imitate him ; but if he says " Do that" they must take no notice.
A somewhat similar game of contraries is " The Grand Mufti." The player personating the Grand Mufti stands in the middle or on a chair, and performs whatever action he likes with his hands, arms, head, and legs. With each movement he says, " Thus does the Grand Mufti," or, " So does the Grand Mufti." When it is " Thus does the Grand Mufti" the other players must imitate his movement ; but when it is " So does the Grand Mufti" they must take no notice. Any mistakes may lead to forfeits.
There is no contrariness about " The Mandarins." The players sit in a circle, and the game is begun by one of them remarking to the next, " My ship has come home from China." The answer is " Yes. and what has it brought ?" The first player replies, " A fan," and begins to fan herself with her right hand. All the players must copy her. The second player then turns to the third (all still fanning) and remarks, " My ship has come home from China." " Yes, and what has it brought ? " " Two
Holdfast! Let go /
The sergeant.
The Grand
The Mandarins
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