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22                What Shall We Do Now ?
fans." All the players then fan themselves with both hands. The third player, to the fourth (all still fanning), " My ship has come home from China." " Yes, and what has it brought ?' " Three fans." All the players then add a nodding head to their other movements. And so on, until when " Nine fans" is reached, heads, eyes, mouth, hands, feet and body are all moving. The answers and movements of this game may be varied. Thus the second answer to the question " And what has it brought" might be "A bicycle," when the feet of all the players would have to move as if working pedals ; the third answer could be a " snuff-box," which should set all the players sneezing ; and so on. A type-writer, a piano, a barrel-organ, a football, would vary the game.
This test of self-control is rather a favourite ; but it is not so much a game as a means of distributing forfeits. The players sit in a circle. One then stands up and, holding out a stick, repeats these lines
Buff says Buff to all his men,
And I say Buff to you again.
Buff never laughs, Buff never smiles,
In spite of all your cunning wiles,
But carries his face
With a very good grace,
And passes his stick to the very next place.
This must be said without laughing or smiling. Each player in turn holds the stick and repeats the verses, those that laugh or smile having, when it is over, to pay a forfeit.
This is another game in which laughter is forbidden. The players sit close together in a silent circle. Whatever the leader does the others have to do, but without smile or sound. Perhaps the leader will begin by pulling the next player's hair, and pass on to pat her cheek, or prod her sides, or pinch her nose.
The ditto game.
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