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What Shall We Do Now?
Another trial of composure. The players choose what positions they will and become as still and as silent as statues. One player is Judge. It is his business to try and make the statues laugh. All who laugh pay forfeits ; but the one who keeps his face grave longest becomes "Judge."
" Laughter" is just the opposite. The company sit in a circle and the game is begun by one throwing a handkerchief into the air. Immediately this is done every one must begin to laugh and continue to laugh until the handkerchief touches the ground. They must then stop or leave the circle. Gradually all will leave but one, who must then perform by himself, if he is willing.
One third of the company agree to say " Hish " all together at a given signal, another third agree to say " Hash," and the rest agree to say " Hosh." The word of command is then given, and the result is the sound as of a tremendous sneeze.
In " Bingo " the players begin by joining hands and marching
round, singing—
There was a farmer had a dog
His name was Bobby Bingo O.
B, I, N, G, O,
B, I, N, G, O,
B, I, N, G, O,
And Bingo was his name O !
The players then loose hands, the girls go inside the ring and stand there, and the boys run round them singing the rhyme again. Then the boys go inside and the girls run round them and sing it. And then hands are taken once more and all go round in the original circle singing it a fourth time. If no boys are playing, the girls should arrange, before the game begins, which shall personate them.
Statues. Laughter,
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