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What Shall We Do Now?               25
Put your right hands in,
Put your right hands out, Shake them and shake them a little,
And turn yourselves about,
and at the same time they do what the song directs. Then the dance and chorus again, and then the next verse, and so on. This is the order—
(2)  Put your left hands in.
(3)  Put your right feet in.
(4)  Put your left feet in.
(5)  Put your noddles in.
And fin ally-
Put your bodies in,
Put your bodies out, Shake them and shake them a little,
And turn yourselves about.
A nonsensical game, useful in leading to forfeits. The company sit in a row, and one of the end players begins by saying, " A good fat hen." Each of the others in turn must then say, " A good fat hen." The first player then says, " Two ducks and a good fat hen," and the words pass down the line. Then " Three squawking wild geese, two ducks, and a good fat hen." And so on until the end is reached, in the following order—
Fourth round.— Prefix :  Four plump partridges.
Fifth round.—         „      Five pouting pigeons.
Sixth round.—         ,,      Six long-legged cranes.
Seventh round.—     ,,      Seven green parrots.
Eighth round.—      „      Eight screeching owls.
Ninth round.—        „      Nine ugly turkey-buzzards.
Tenth round.—       ,,      Ten bald eagles.
A good fat hen.
The sentence has now reached a very difficult length:—"Ten bald eagles, nine ugly turkey-buzzards, eight screeching owls, seven green parrots, six long-legged cranes, five pouting pigeons, four plump partridges, three squawking wild geese, two ducks and
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