Three Hundred Games & Pastimes - complete online book

A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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32                What Shall We Do Now?
below the knees and slipping a stick along over one elbow, under both knees and over the other elbow, as in the picture. The game is, for the two fowls to be placed opposite each other with
The candle-lighters.
their feet just touching, and for each then to strive to roll the other over with his toes.
Another balancing game. Two boys face each other, each with a candle, one of which is lighted and the other not. Kneel­ing on the right knee only and keeping the left leg entirely off the ground, they have to make one candle light the other.
A tall hat is placed in the middle of the room and a pack of cards is dealt out to the players seated round it. The game is to throw the cards one by one into the hat.
Hat and cards.
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