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What Shall We Do Now ?
This is properly an outdoor game, but in a big room indoors it is all right. The two sides should be even in numbers, at any rate in the first pull. In the middle of the rope a hand­kerchief is tied, and three chalk lines a yard apart are made on the floor. The sides then grasp the rope, the captain of each side, whose duty it is to encourage his men by cheering cries, having his hands about a yard and a half from the handkerchief. The rope is then trimmed by the umpire until the handkerchief comes exactly over the middle one of the three lines. On the word being given, each side has to try and pull the rope so that the handkerchief passes over the chalk line nearest it. The best of three decides the victory. For the sake of sport it is better, if one side is much weaker than the other, to add to it until the balance of strength is pretty even.
In this game goals are set up at each end of the room, the players are provided with fans, and the football is a blown hen's. egg, which is wafted backwards and forwards along the floor. An air-ball would also do, but in that case the goal should be scored in the Rugby way—over instead of through.
A string is stretched across the room at a height of about three or four feet. The players divide into sides and line up on each side of the string. The air-ball is then thrown up, the game being to keep it in the air backwards and forwards over the string, so that if it falls it will fall in the other side's camp. It ought to be tapped with the back of the fingers and not hit hard. A game called " Piladex " can be bought containing a number of small air-balls rather more suitable for the purpose than the ordinary large coloured ones. The game can be very exciting and boisterous.
In this game tissue-paper is cut into pieces three or four inches square. As many squares as there are players are placed
Tug of war
Parlour football.
Tissue-paper race.
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