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What Shall We Do Now?                35
come to him he piles them on the chair (without dropping any) until all are there, and then returns them with equal speed until the basket is filled again. The side which finishes first is the winner. If an article is dropped it must be picked up before any other of the articles can pass the player who dropped it.
In many of the games already described mention has been made of " Forfeits." They do not now play quite so important a part in an evening's entertainment as once they did, but they can still add to the interest of games. " Paying a forfeit" means giving up to the player who is collecting forfeits some personal article or other—a knife, a pencil, a handkerchief—which, at the end of the game, or later in the evening, has to be recovered by performing whatever penance is ordered. When the time comes for " crying the forfeits," as it is called, the player who has them sits in a chair, while another player, either blindfolded or hiding her eyes, kneels before her, the remaining players standing all around. The first player then holds up a forfeit, remarking, " I have a thing, and a very pretty thing. Pray what shall be done to the owner of this pretty thing?" To which the blindfolded one replies by asking, " Is it fine or superfine ? " meaning, Does it belong to a boy (fine) or a girl (superfine) ? The answer is either " It is fine," or " It is superfine," and the blindfolded one then announces what its owner must do to get possession of it again. Of stock penances there are a great number, most of which are tricks which, once known, are necessarily very tame afterwards. In the case of those that follow, therefore, something ■definite and practical is required.
Frown for a minute.
Dance for a minute.
See how many you can count in a minute.
Say the alphabet backwards.
Do the exact opposite of three things ordered by the company.
Crow like a cock.
Say " Gig whip " ten times very rapidly.
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