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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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What Shall We Do Now?
so funny a game it is difficult quite to explain, but people laugh more loudly over it than over anything else. There is one lady at least who keeps a visitors' book in which every one that stays at her house has to draw an eyes-shut pig. The drawings are signed, and the date is added.
While on the subject of novel albums the " Smudgeograph " might be mentioned. The smudgeograph is the effect produced by writing one's signature with plenty of ink, and while the ink is still very wet, folding the paper down the middle of the name, lengthwise, and pressing the two sides firmly together. The result is a curious symmetrically-shaped figure. Some people prefer smudgeographs to ordinary signatures in a visitors' book.
Six drawing tricks are illustrated on this page. One (i) is the picture of a soldier and a dog leaving a room, drawn with
Drawing tricks.
three strokes of the pencil. Another (3) is a sailor, drawn with two squares, two circles, and two triangles. Another (5), Henry VIII., drawn with a square and nine straight lines. Another (6), invented by Mr. Morrow for this book, an Esquimaux waiting to harpoon a seal, drawn with eleven circles and a straight line. The remaining figures are a cheerful pig and a despondent pig (4), and a cat (2), drawn with the utmost possible simplicity
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