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Double acrostics.
52               What Shall We Do Now?
might describe his words like this : G " Something that makes
hot beef nice " ; O " A fruit " ; V " A kind of ointment " ;
E " A girl's name " ; R " A bird " ; and N " A name for a
silly person." If any one else has the same word neither of you
can score it, and it is therefore important to seek for the most
unlikely words.
Another way of playing " Simple Acrostics " is to insist on
each word being the same length. Thus " govern " might be filled
in by one player thus :
»                  G rave
O ddly V erse E arth R ebel N inth
In " Double Acrostics " the game is played in precisely the same way, except that the letters of the word, after having been arranged in a line down the paper, are then arranged again in a line up the paper, so that the first letter is opposite the last, and the last opposite the first. Thus :
The players have then to fill in words beginning and ending with the letters as thus arranged. One paper might come out thus:
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