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56               What Shall We Do Now?
in the form of a sixpenny telegram, is written. That is to say, you must say as much as you can in twelve words. (Address and signature not necessary.) Example :—
The Letter
The first player writes:—My dear Duke of Norfolk.
The second player writes:—Can you give me any information about suitable songs for our village waits ?
The third player writes :—Believe ine yours slavishly. The fourth player writes :—Sir James Barrie.
The Reply Telegram
The fifth player writes:—Be with you to-morrow. Have sheets aired. Am bringing everything. Don't worry.
There is also the game of " Telegrams." In this the first thing to write is the name of the person sending the telegram. The paper is then passed on, and the name of the person to whom it is sent is written. The papers are then passed on again and opened, and the players in turn each say a letter of the alphabet, chosen at random, until there are twelve. As these are spoken, each player writes them on the paper before him, leaving a space after it; so that when the twelve are all written down his paper may look like this:—
From the Prince of Wales
To the Shepherd's Bush Exhibition.
H...... A...... P...... N......
W...... E...... K...... S......
T...... A...... F...... C......
A period of five minutes or more is then allowed in which to complete the telegram, the message having to be twelve words long, and each word to begin, in the same order, with these letters. The players should, as far as possible, make the telegrams reason­able, if not possible. Thus, the form given above might, when finished, read like this :—
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